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Custom T-Shirts

Have a logo or design you need or want on a shirt? Upload your image & text and get your shirts printed and delivered fast. "Stand Out and Stay Comfortable", Little 6 style, with Little 6 Creations!

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Little 6 Creation is our family T-shirt business that got started after years of saying “That should be on a shirt!” 

We have always found that the six of us are the best of us because we are all so different. uniquely different, but together it has been a way for our family to stay connected and step into our journey of entrepreneurship. We utilize each of our unique skills in creativity, communication and business to come up with the T-shirt ideas and launch them to our customers online and at events. 

Why did we choose T-shirts? Well, frankly T-shirt are an easy way to communicate. They can be humorous and lighthearted or make a statement that others need to hear. They can bring awareness to a cause, support a community event, include you on a new team or even promote your small business dream.  As a family, we prioritize bringing people together and this business allows us to do that. 

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